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New Addition!

Lil Miss Teapot has arrived!

Sassy and spunky, and just as cute as she could be.

She's about the size of a coffee mug, but makes a mean cup of tea that's sure to turn the head of any coffee drinker.

Elegant for your home. Convenient for your work. Great gift for that special someone.

See below for Details.

Teas the Season!

Looking for that perfect gift?

Each tea blend is steeped with rich flavor and wellness benefits. However, our specialty blends will WOW your senses. Fan favs include our Toasted Almond, Earl Grey Brûlée, and Wild Strawberry Hibiscus.

Grab one for yourself and a gift pack for each friend. Simply select the “gift pack” option while shopping any tea blend.

Along with your blend of choice, the gift pack includes a long-stem chinese teaspoon and 100 fillable teabags. Just add water!

Wellness Blends

Stay Healthy this Season with our Wellness Blends.

Stay warm, feel great, and be at your best with a little boost from our organic Immuni-Tea and Turmeric Ginger Chai. Click here to check out all of our wellness blends.

New Fall and Winter Flavor!

Pumpkin-flavored “Autumn Spice” is here!

Chai teas are the best at helping you warm right up! This black tea blend steeps a spicy, yet comforting and wonderfully aromatic cup to get you going in the morning or anytime when you need a boost. Get yours here.

Try this super easy recipe for making an amazing Pumpkin Chai Latte. Here's how!

Ancient Traditions

Tea-riffic Gift Ideas!

Our all-in-one tea Gift Packs are a HUGE hit with friends, family and clients. Add them to your cart while shopping your favorite blend.

Grab’n go Tea Jars. They’re so handy, yet so classy. Add them to your cart for each blend, or pick some up unfilled and unlabeled here. They’re great stocking stuffers!

Check out this video of some customers enjoying tea their way!

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