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Toasted Almond

Toasted Almond

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Before the first scoop the sweet, inviting scent of almonds fills the air. Your taste buds wait in heavy anticipation for the flavor to follow. The tea steeps a lush cherry rosé color with an enchanting aroma and flavor to match. 

This herbal blend is truly a delightful surprise!


Delightful Taste Tip: Enjoy it as it comes.

Sipping Guide: Add 3 piled-high teaspoons to hot water. Steep for 6-7 minutes. Enjoy multiple infusions.

Ingredients: Apple, Almond Chips, Cinnamon, Beetroot Pieces with Flavoring

Caffeine: Naturally Caffeine Free

Diet Pairing: Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Vegan

Net Weight: 4oz 



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