Immune Boosters

The changing of the seasons can bring with it many challenges. Enjoy these blends daily to help keep your body at its best. Here's a quick summary:

Immuni-Tea is your daily go-to to keep you at your best. It is loaded with nature's best ingredients to help fight free radicals and provide a boost to your immune system. This organic blend is delicate enough to enjoy multiple times per day.

Mystic Mint Detox not only helps detoxify the body and fight free radicals, it also has a positive effect on balancing your mood. Holy Basil is an adaptogen and brings the mind and body back to center. 

Turmeric Ginger Chai is hands down the best chai tea on the market. The spice is not overwhelming and allows for a perfect flavor combination of black tea, spices and a vanilla twist. The benefits you get from turmeric, black pepper and ginger are reason enough to steep up a cup, but add on the amazing flavor and you can't go wrong.