Relaxing Herbal Blends

You've probably heard of the benefits of elderberries, echinacea, turmeric, ginger, and holy basil. These are only a few of the power-packed botanical ingredients that can be found in these delicious herbal tea blends. Here's a quick overview for each:

Immuni-Tea is your daily go-to to keep you at your best. It is loaded with nature's best ingredients to help fight free radicals and provide a boost to your immune system. This organic blend is delicate enough to enjoy multiple times per day.

Reach for a cup of Drift Away to help get a good night's sleep, to unwind or relieve tension. The relaxing effect of chamomile, lemongrass and peppermint make this a delightfully relaxing blend.

Mystic Mint Detox not only helps detoxify the body and fight free radicals, it also has a positive effect on balancing your mood. Holy Basil is an adaptogen and brings the mind and body back to center. 

Wild Strawberry Hibiscus is a fan favorite. It is so tasty you don't realize you're getting a full cup of antioxidants from the Hibiscus and overlook the vitamins from the Strawberries.  It's perfect for post-workouts and working toward your overall fitness goals, or just as a refreshing treat....think Spring in a cup.

Toasted Almond is as aromatic as it is delicious. Steep this one for a bit longer than usual to allow the nuts to release their full flavor. The cup turns a beautiful warm pink color thanks to the Beetroot Powder. We'll admit...this is our "cheat" tea. It may not have all the benefits you'd expect... but it's SO good!