Bold and Beautiful

Your body metabolizes caffeine from tea over the course of the day. So, what you get from these blends is all-day energy without the crash, and flavor without the calories. Here's what awaits:

Black Silk is our breakfast blend. It is an organic blend of Indian black teas. Some add a splash of milk and a dash of sugar, but you should first try it as it comes. You'll immediately appreciate the complexity of this simple black tea blend. This is great for mornings and fantastic as an organic iced tea.

Earl Grey Brûlée is a traditional Earl Grey with bergamot, yet with a hint of vanilla. The result is a bold cup of black tea with a delightful finish. A splash of milk and a touch of sugar will have you ready for a second cup!

Turmeric Ginger Chai is hands down the best chai tea on the market. The spice is not overwhelming and allows for a perfect flavor combination of black tea, spices and a vanilla twist. The benefits you get from turmeric, black pepper and ginger are reason enough to steep up a cup. Add in the amazing flavor and you can't go wrong. 

Summer Peach Oolong is a fantastic Taiwanese oolong tea with natural peach flavor. In some Asian mythology, the peach is a symbol of longevity and immortality, which makes this the perfect blend on your life's journey. 

A hot cup of Jasmine Green Tea transports your senses to a field of fresh jasmine flowers. The earthy tone of the green tea coupled with the scent of the jasmine blossoms helps you reconnect with nature and relate to ancient Chinese traditions. This tea is one of the most famous teas of China. Its process has been passed down for generations. Our Jasmine Green Tea is organic and perfectly balanced. A quick two minute steep time is all you need to unlock the flavor and benefits.