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Special-Tea Blends Tea Box

Special-Tea Blends Tea Box

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This luxurious tea box has all of our most flavor-packed tea blends. Here you'll find our popular Earl Grey Brûlée, Summer Peach Oolong, Wild Strawberry Hibiscus, and Toasted Almond. This box is perfect for changing up your day or impressing your guests at your next gathering.

Earl Grey Brûlée

Our Earl Grey Brûlée steeps a bold cup with the perfect medley of bergamot and subtle vanilla flavors. The combination is unique and aromatic, and our little spin on an ancient tradition.

The tale goes that in 1803 the son of a Chinese mandarin nearly drowned, until he was rescued by a military convoy of 2nd Lord Earl Grey; then British Prime Minister. Out of great appreciation, the father made a special bergamot flavored black tea as a gift.

A favorite of Lady Grey, the tea was later sold throughout the United Kingdom and is now world-famous.

Summer Peach Oolong

In Asia, the peach symbolizes longevity and immortality. Take this blend as your companion on life’s journey.

Oolong teas are an art form. They are made with the same tea leaves of white teas, green teas and black teas. The artistry is in the oxidation process. White teas have little-to-no oxidation and black teas are fully oxidized. Oolong falls in the spectrum just on the other side of green, but just before black. The process takes great skill akin to that of craft beer.

This Taiwanese Oolong steeps a bold and beautifully deep amber-color. The floral notes and light peach flavor perfectly balance the bold as if they were always meant to be.

Wild Strawberry Hibiscus

The aroma of fresh strawberries with tropical hibiscus will put you at ease like a nice summer’s breeze.

Hibiscus has been used for hundreds of years across the globe. In Africa, hibiscus tea was used to treat cold symptoms and a paste made from the leaves to heal the skin. The Egyptians believed the tea helped promote a healthy heart and circulatory system. In modern times, hibiscus tea is often used to help with weight management and muscle recovery.

Our Wild Strawberry Hibiscus holds the perfect sweet/tart balance. It is delicious hot and makes a fantastically refreshing iced herbal tea.

Toasted Almond

Before the first scoop the sweet, inviting scent of almonds fills the air. Your taste buds wait in heavy anticipation for the flavor to follow. The tea steeps a lush cherry rosé color with an enchanting aroma and flavor to match. 

This herbal blend is truly a delightful surprise!

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