Elegant Tea Boxes

Our beautifully crafted American-made tea boxes will add a dash of elegance to complement any home decor. Impress your guests by setting up your own personal tea bar at your next gathering. A gift for those people important in your life. Or, keep it all to yourself.

Each box comes with a Blend For That long-stem Chinese tea spoon, 100 fillable Bio-Sip teabags, and 4 blends in glass tea jars. The box will yield between 30-40 cups of tea. You will also receive a recipe card with some fun ideas, history of each blend, a discount code for your next order, and a mystery tea bag as our “Thank You” for supporting our small business as we enter our second year in business. 

Choose from 3 Styles

Bliss Blends

This box contains the four blends to help keep the mind and body focused all day long. It is a regimented daily routine to help balance the body while helping to fight free radicals and helping to reduce stress and inflammation. We recommend enjoying the four bends in this sequence: Turmeric Ginger Chai, Jasmine Green Tea, Mint Detox and Drift Away. Each blend has a purpose. Check out Bliss Blends box to learn more.

Wellness Blends

This box contains the four blends we recommend to keep you at your best all year long. The herbs in these blends are rooted deep in traditions and have practical uses today. The four blends in this box are Immuni-Tea, Turmeric Ginger Chai, Mint Detox and Drift Away.

Specialty Blends

This box has all of our most flavor-packed teas. Here you'll find our popular Earl Grey Brûlée, Summer Peach Oolong, Wild Strawberry Hibiscus, and Toasted Almond. This box is perfect for changing up your day or impressing your guests at your next gathering.


If you would like to choose your own tea blends for your box, just shoot us an email with you selection after you've made your purchase.